How do I pay?

You can pay via Payfast and iPay with your credit card, debit card or EFT, or you can use the Payflex option where you can choose to pay the amount or pay it in instalments over a period of a few weeks,

You can use our I-PAY secure option to login to your own bank and pay it like that 100% secure.

You can also use Zapper or Snapscan.

You can also view our payment methods by clicking here.

I’m struggling to pay online, what do I do now?

Firstly double check your internet connection is working. This plays a major role to finalizing your transaction

. If you are struggling with a specific payment portal, you can also contact them directly as they might require secure info.

If you don’t come right with any of the above, please email us at info@horze.co.za. It will also help immensely if you can send screenshots to us if you get some kind of message upon trying to pay which will help us to locate the problem as fast as possible to assist you.

Always feel free to call our offices on 016 000 1024 for immediate online assistance.

What courier or shipping method is best to choose?

Our most trusted courier in Gauteng is Fastway. If you choose the flat rate of R 99 on our website, the chances are about 80% that your package will be delivered via Fastway .

Fastway is a good option if you live within a metropolitan or urban area, suburbs, cities, towns.

If you live in an outlying area especially farmlands, and are located more than 20-30km outside of a town, the best option is to select the Postnet you trust closest to you and have us deliver it to you at a Postnet. This option is faster, and much more reliable then door to door in farmlands, as our couriers unfortunately do get lost at times.

Take note, this is only a good option if you stay in an outlying/grey area where couriers struggle to find you. Otherwise our flat rate is perfectly created for you and can deliver within any town.

If you have no Postnet, you can still choose the flat rate option. The package will take 1-3 days longer to reach you but within the space of 5-7 working days maximum you will have you package delivered to your door no matter where you are.

You can also select “send my own courier” if you already have an account or a trusted courier company. They can then pick up at our warehouse.

Please note that we don’t use the Post Office anymore due to parcels taking too long and even going missing. Couriers also can’t deliver to a postal address, only physical addresses (home or work)

I live in an outlying area and couriers struggle to find me – how will I get my parcel?

The best option to choose is the Postnet Counter-Counter option and tell us which Postnet is your nearest most trusted Postnet Outlet when checking out.

Sending your own courier that knows you adress already is also a good option in an outlying area.

However our flat rate of R 99 does also cover outlying areas and the parcel might just take 1-3 days longer to send and 5-7 days to reach you but it should also reach your door.

Do you ship outside SA?

You are able to shop from anywhere in Africa on the www.horze.africa domain and we will assist you as best we can to get your order to you.

For countries outside of Africa you can order from www.horze.eu or www.horze.com

I have a query/complaint/suggestion – who do I contact?

We have various contact options available which you can view here: Click to view our Contact us Details

The best is usually via email as we can help you more in detail, send images or links when needed or send other important emails to superiors.

EMAIL: info@horze.co.za

Call: 016 000 1024

Do you have a shop and where are you based?

You can shop on www.horze.co.za and be rewarded by your experience.

Alternatively you can find one of the many retailers who stock our product.

Check out this page for locations of the retailers who sell our product: 

How do I know if something I want to order is in stock or not?

When you select the appropriate size and colour of the item/s you would like to add to your cart, you will see at the bottom it reflects if it is in stock or not even a show of our current warehouse quantities. If an option doesn’t display it also means it is not currently in stock, or when it states “out of stock”

Still feel free to email us about it at info@horze.co.za to find out when we will be getting stock in again

How do I know what size to buy for clothing?

We have added size charts to all the products possible to assist you with measurements.

We have also now created options like e.g. SA34/EU38 so that you can select your SA size and get the matching EU size delivered.

We will soon be launching a “SIZE N FIT” widget which will display and allow you to choose your bodyshape, height and weight and it calculates it accordingly.

These are guidelines as the material and body shape plays a role as well. 

Can I exchange something if it doesn’t fit?

we do have a very good exchange policy which can be viewed here: Return Information


Who can I contact if I am struggling to order or have queries regarding a product

Send us an email to info@horze.co.za or via the contact form so we can send you images, links etc when needed. Or give us a call on 016 000 1024 or visit our contact form by clicking here

How secure is the website when it comes to online payments?

www.horze.co.za is equipped with an SSL Certificate ahen an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

This creates a secure network for your credit card information and all personal information that is filled in.

If something is out of stock, how long do I have to wait before you get stock in again?

Kindly contact Customer Service regarding this at any given time so that can provide more detail based on the product you are looking for

email: customerservice@horze.co.za